DVD-RW Drive not detcted by Windows 7

I own an HP Pavilion 9628nr notebook computer. I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista. I was having this same problem in Vista, but I would like to resolve it. Windows 7 is not recognizing my dvdrw drive. I go into device manager and no cd/dvd-rom drives are listed. Also, it does not appear in My Computer. However, I can open the drive, but it will not read a disc. Any help with this problem would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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  1. Does it show in the bios?

    Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

  2. how did you install win7 without a dvd drive
    does the drive show up in the bios
    did you upgrade to win7 or do a clean install
    is this a constant issue or intermittent
  3. I used an external drive; I had to do a clean install. Sometimes the drive does show, although this is very rare!!
  4. take the drive out and clean all the connections and reinstall making sure everything is securely connected.
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