PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4870, 1GB - flickering

Ok, so I got my new computer with this graphic card 4 days ago. I'm pretty sure, that there was no flickering at the beginning, but now ...

When I chat on MSN, watch movies or simply do nothing, there is no flickering at all. But, when I browse on the internet, play games or try switch between programs or windows, whole screen starts to flicker and it happens every 2-3 seconds.

I can't really describe it, but it looks like 'quick screen refresh' or something like that. It happens in a second.

At first I thought, that it was monitor problem (4 days old LG L227WTP-PF), but I tried everything and now I think, that maybe some graphic card settings are causing the problem.

What can I do? This flickering is really disturbing, when I play games. Maybe I could get used to it, if it occured only during internet browsing, but not now.

computer configuration:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
Power Color ATI Radeon HD4870, 1GB
Corsair 4GB 1066MHz RAM
ASUS P5Q Pro Motherboard
640 GB Blue Caviar, WD
PCPower Silencer 610W
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  1. The first thing to try is the gfx driver .

    Head over to ATI's website and if theres a later driver available than the version you have you should download and install it .

    If you have the latest driver , I'd uninstall it completely and then reinstall it .
  2. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled it. (Catalyst Suite 8.12 is latest version, right?) Somehow it seems, that driver itself is cause for flickering. In time between uninstall and reinstall there was no flickering at all. :o

    I know, it sounds impossible, but this is, how it is ... When I didn't have drivers installed, there was no flickering. -.-
  3. Try the driver before it then and simply wait till the next driver comes out.
  4. did you reboot after you uninstalled?
    and then reboot again after REinstalling?
  5. yeah, I did.

    I guess, that I'll try with ATI Catalyst Suite 8.11 then and see, what happens ...
  6. Ok, I downgraded to ATI Catalyst Suite 8.11 now. Everything seems to work fine, no flickering at all. *crosses fingers*

    Hopefully 8.13 will fix this problem, so that I'll be able to have updated drivers. :)
  7. *sigh* It didn't work 100%. When I play games, everything still flickers a lot and I experience some other problems as well. :( Should I downclock graphic card?

    (actually, I didn't know till' yesterday, that my card is actually overclocked version already ... -.-)

    Now I know, that I won't listen to my father next time, he says "PowerColor or Sapphire, it doesn't make any difference". (actually it was Sapphire card, that was supposed be in my new computer, but ... I actually don't know, why I got PowerColor then. I realized it, when I started to read list of components on the way home from electronic shop. -.- But my father knew about this change for at least a day already. -.-)
  8. ^_^,

    I don't think new drivers will fix your problem.
    You could try returning the card and asking for a new one, saying this one is broken.
  9. I don't know ... If I won't be able to fix this problem any other way, then I'll probably do that ... :/
  10. Downclock the memory a bit with the drivers provided by ATI, this should rule out your problem.
  11. That's true, you can set it at the normal clocks of the HD4870, might work.
  12. I have almost the exact system you do and im having the smae problem. Too the point that it even flickers on startup and shutdown. Sometimes it just goes compleatly black for about 30secs. Comps only 2 days old and ive tried everything i know to sort it. If someone can help it would be much appreciated.
  13. Screw fixing the problme yourself, if you bought it only a few days ago and it doesnt work then go get it returned. These people charge enough of a premium to do such basic tasks for you so dont feel bad about getting a good service in return. Certainly dont underclock it if you have paid for an overclocked version!
  14. worked out the issue. Its the screen. took it back and now am waiting for a replacement.
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