Problems with holding a steady connection

I am having some problems with holding a steady connection. I have connection droputs. They seem to happen in the evening more often. I play online flight simulators with lots of other people through Internet connection. Both hosting and as client.

I have RoadRunner Cable. The cable company has not found any problem,. My Cable Modem is fine, al the cables and splitters. My computer are fine. 4 of them. Well, in my house, 2 are mine, other 2 are other people's.

I have a D-Link 624 Rev C Wireless Router (The router was recently sent to me by D-Link as a replacement for a new one I bought a couple years ago. I sent them the old one under warranty because the wireless distance was not good). I also have a new back-up router in the closet in case I need another router. Though, I do not run my game playing computer in wireless mode. I run the R45 cable network connection directly to the router.

MY connection dropouts and disconnects are often. I am wondering if anyone else is having continuing issues with not only Black Shark online playing, but other games and flight sims too.

Right now I am running my network with no router, I am running this computer directly to the Motorola Cable Modem I lease from Roadrunner cable. I had Roadrunner/Time Warner check my cable line, they ran some tests from their equipment, online ping, etc. and said they don't see any problems. Of course the problems always seem top occur mostly in the evening. But can happen at any time. It could be it is some network problems Roadrunner has during peak hours. If it were my router and computer, it would happen all the time and not at select times.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone else has a similar problem and maybe has Roadrunner cable. Also, if you have a D-Link DI-624 Router Rev C, the latest firmware is 2.76

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  1. I swapped out the router with another router. Me thinks that the D-Link has problems. So sad. Di-624 Rev C seems to not be one of their better routers. I have had problems with them for a few years now. It seems their quality is lacking in the last few years. I shall see if the swapout fixed it. I put in an off brand named Trendnet
  2. I ran into this issue troubleshooting my neighbors Internet connection. They had the same Dlink 624 Rev C. The problem stemmed from wireless access on the router. Whenever a wireless client (laptop, xbox) connected to the wireless network the router would restart. This would cause the Wireless to crash and the router would then crash yielding network drops. I tried swapping firmware and disabling Gaming mode but nothing seemed to fix the issue.

    I had them purchase a new router and everythings been great so far.
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