AMD Phenom II - 940 much faster than...

....Athlon X2 (6400+)... If the Phenom 2 is about 15% to 25% faster than Phenom 1...than how much is it faster than X2????

I'm looking to upgrade, I'm a AMD fan - and have the neccessary motherboard for the Phenom 2... quick Anwser?
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  1. A lot, you have more cache and for multitasking you have more core's.
  2. Thanks, can anyone put a percentage to that???? :) - Is the realm of 50% faster overal make sense?
  3. piedpiper8 said:
    Thanks, can anyone put a percentage to that???? :) - Is the realm of 50% faster overal make sense?

    A few rough numbers. I'm not going to "justify" the percentages... if anyone doubts them the they can search the web for the numbers themselves.

    K8 to Barcelona (early 65nm K10) gave about a 12% increase clock per clock.

    The move from 65nm K10 to the newer 45nm K10 gave an increase of about 15%. (Many people say 20%. Some say 12%)

    So if you ran a program that used only one or two cores it would take a 2.5Ghz Phenom II to match your stock 6400+. If a program uses more cores then the Phenom II will obviously be better because of the added cores. And of course even if the program uses only two cores... having the added core or cores will be beneficial because it is free to service the operating system and do system stuff.

    In other words a stock Phenom II 940 at 3.0Ghz would be about the same as your current chip overclocked to 3.8Ghz. (And an overclocked Phenom II at 3.8Ghz would be the same as a 4.8Ghz K8 chip.)
  4. Very sweet... I heard many people can get the 940 to at least 3.6 overclock...on air. so things are looking good, right?
  5. The duel core Kuma K10(Phenom with 2 cores disabled) ranged from 3.5% all the way up to 28.7% faster clock for clock than the Brisbane core K8. Then Phenom II I believe pulls like 7%-20% faster than original Phenom clock for clock once again depending on task. Note for the Phenom to Phenom II I'm just estimating from what I've seen before. I've got evidence to back up the K8 to K10 claim.

    Plus you'll have 2 additional cores for multitasking and multithreaded applications to improve on.
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