How much data stored in one minute footage of HD uncompressed video

could anyone please guide me on uncompressed storage rates on on diffrent formats.
HD 1080i
HD 720p
HD 1080p
Plz guide me on per minute footage if i shoot in these above written formats.
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  1. i got some footage I'm working with now it was recorded on sony 1080p cameras to dv tape then the tapes were dumped to my comp as .m2t which is sony's raw format, the files are about 2gig for a 10 minute clip on my computer while the DV tapes teh camera recorded to held 1 hour each

    dv and hdv are not formats they are groupings Digital Video and High Definition Video

    and while your resolution is gonna make a difference to file size so is your sound if you plan on getting into professional HD video you have a lot more research to do, if your just gonna do some simple stuff then your files are going to be a lot smaller than mine are
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