9800gtx+ driver update problems

ok so i've jsut built this system:

intel core 2 duo e8500 (3.16 Ghz)
GIGABYTE GeForce 9800 GTX+
640 GB HD
750 Watt Zalman power supply

and ever since i tried to update the driver windows won't boot. so i have been running fine with just the driver that comes on the cd. im running service pack 3 and i have a feeling that this might be part of the issue. any feedback or help is much appreciated. has anyone had any similar issues?
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  1. bump. i really need help!!
  2. turn off the overclock
    turn up the mem voltage

    reload the drivers
  3. i suspect your drives are curpt due to poor oc
    or memory settings

    you say the e8500 is stock so it must be ram


    remove the drivers - get rid of all nvidia programs
    you may even delete the drive your screen will go black - reboot and vista will load a driver
    try reloading the nvidia drives again

    run you ram at 2.05-2.1v and 5-5-5 ddr800

    do you have your ram at 1333? if so that is bad, if it is 667 that is ok

    turn the cpu to 1600 and run the ram 800
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