E8600 Gaming Rig?

Hi, im getting ready to build a gaming computer for my wife and wouldn't mind some feedback and comments for changes if needed. Let me know what you think of the specs and im open for some feedback...

Specs :

Case : Antec 1200 or Coolmaster Cosmos
CPU : E8600 Intel Core 2 Duo Wolfdale @ 3.33GHz Planning on OC to 4GHz
Motherboard : EVGA 780i SLI or Asus Rampage Formula Only problem i have with the Rampage is i have heard very bad things about the boards coming with old bios and no way to update them but by trying to get a return for a newer model. Not sure i want to go through that hassle when the 780i is not terrible.
Graphics Card : EVGA GTX 280 1GB x2 in SLI
Hard Drive : WD Velocity Raptor 300GB
Ram : Open for advise..at least 4GB
Power Sup : Open for advise..not sure what to get, i have a coolmaster in mine and its been great for a couple years.

Would be great to get some comments on this build or what i should modify to this build..She plays the same stuff as me like COD 4/5, WOW, CSS, and Crysis so lots of FPS =D
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  1. A Corsair 1000HX would be appropriate there.

    The Asus Rampage Formula is X48, Crossfire, no SLI. You'll be a little disappointed if you put two GTX 280 cards in it.
  2. With that budget, you have to consider a i7 build.
  3. What speed do you have to run an i7 for equivalent power, for apps that don't use multiple cores that is?
  4. I will take a look at the Corsair 1000HX, thanks for the advise. As for Crossfire..didn't think i had to mention i would run a x2 4870 with rampage..seemed like it went without saying =/ I looked at i7 builds, but the cost for the mobo and ram for ddr3 jacks the price way up and the benchmarks didn't seem that much more of a increase to spend that couple hundred dollars worth
  5. OK, your thinking maybe a rampage formula, or EVGA 780i. Both cost more then the lowest price x58 for i7. And your dual core e8600 is almost what a i7 920 costs. have you looked at ddr3 ram lately? You better look again.

    You would be a fool to spend that kind of money and not get the i7.
  6. Ill look again but when tomshardware did a benchmark test for gaming and 3d rendering they were pretty close to each other it seemed like. Up for a i7 build if you got a good idea for one though..
  7. What resolution will she be gaming at?

    I own the corsair 1000's younger sibling, the 750, and it's a good psu imho. Only thing i wish it was after getting it, was modular, but the 1000 is that too, so you should be happy with it. And I'd compare the prices between the e8600 and the i7.
  8. +1 on Corsair 1000HX. I also like the Antec TruePower 1000W. Like others are saying, I'd also recommend going for an i7 with a budget like that.
  9. If your running two gtx 280's they are incompatable with the rampage formula. This is a x48 chipset. It does not support sli. It only supports cf with multi cards.

    If you upgrade to the x58 chipset. These support both the new i7, and both sli and cf setups.
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