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I just installed the Zalman VF1000 to both of my 4850s and the initial results have been great. My cards now max out at what they had previously idled at.

However, when I opened the package and looked at the fan I noticed that it wouldn't plug into the graphics card. I really wanted the card to be able to monitor its temperature and adjust the fans accordingly so snipped of the ends of both the original fan that fit the graphics card and the new zalman fan, stripped the wires on the zalman fan and attached them to the original fan plug so it would fit on the graphics card.

This modification is far from expert and while it works for now the cord seems really insecure and like it could fall out at any minute. Does anyone have any other idea on how to make this more permanent and secure?
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  1. Basically what you did is all you can really do.
  2. Really there's not some sort of adapter or something that would be more secure?
  3. You could solder on a standard fan connector to the card. Maybe take one off an old dead mother board or something.
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    The fan connector is kinda loose in the socket on the GPU? Get a small tube of silicon goop and put a blob on it. The blob will dry and hold it, and will peel off easily when you need too. Put the blob on the connectore AFTER you connect it, it's just there to hold the connector in, not seal it.

    Someone got a hot glue gun, used by hobby folks for decopauge? That would be even better. You can buy one with a few pieces of glue for like $10 at walmart in the hobby section. And it'll peel off.
  5. Its actually the wires that are feeding into the connector that are loose. Would you recommend hot glue to attach the wires to the fan connector?
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  7. Once the pins are pushed in, some hot glue would hold the pins at the back of the plug, where the wires come out. Big glob on the plug and around the wires should work.
  8. Some die-electric will probably work as well.
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