My graphic card or the memory?..

I install devil may cry 4 and assassins creed in my PC and the same error occurred in both games. There is no problem in my video card(probably) but maybe it is in the memory but im not sure about it.

It always happens that every time I play or before the game start(as it is loading), there is a blue screen that I cannot understand what is it is and many "error......" are written on it,after that, the pc automatic shut off...

What do you think is the problem with that??...I have 254 video card and 1034mb RAM....?/...
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  1. OK, I need more info please send all system specs. Start by running mem test to see if that's the problem.
  2. ^+1. Please post full specs. Also list temps.
  3. Telling us what the BSOD is would be a nice help also. It should tell you whats wrong and give you some numbers. That would be a help for us if you want us to help you.
  4. Since he has no clue about what he is talking about in terms of hardware I bet its the fact that the computer cant meet the requirements.
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