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hello i need some serious help thank you for the help u can provide for me but ok so i had 2 hdds in raid 0 in my computer and i was stupid and was setting up the biod for my new quad core and reset it all and the array went down hill so i said well il just use 1 but when i went in the bios to turn back on the raid went into the setup and erased the partition for the raid and nothing happened so i plugged it up to my other comp and its still showing both partition its did nothing and iw ant to put wins7 back on it but its keeps telling me the mbr is on the other harddrive how do i fix this
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  1. welcome to the forum, use grammar check in the future please

    install the drive in your computer and boot form a win7 disc then delete all partitions, format the drive, and install windows.
  2. thank you had to put them back in raid 0 but i dont mind
  3. glad you worked it out
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