First I'll start out by letting you know i'm upgrading to the HIS HD 4870 1gb card from my 256mb ATI x700 pro card. I used to have an AMD 64 3200+ processor but I upgraded it to an AMD 64 3800+ x2 dual core to make sure my processor wasn't the problem that has been holding me back. I bought my emachines t6212 a couple years ago and it has always served me well so i decided to upgrade it like i always have. I got the Enlight 7250 AKG case w/ 650 watt power supply from newegg , because my old case is just not big enough anymore, not to mention the 300 watt power supply in my system wouldnt cut it anymore.

My mobo is an MSI 7093 (the one that comes with emachines t6212) and I just updated to the latest BIOS using the MSI live-update to get it to recognize my dual core processor (that worked, i believe it's AWARD version 3.9 aka phoenix 6.0) , i have built in realtek ac 97 sound card, Windows XP home edition just regular, a brand new samsung syncmaster 943BW 19 inch widescreen LCD, 650 watt "enlight" power supply , 2 x 1gb kingston value dual channel ram pc3200 and and 2 512mb sticks of kingston , 1 of them is pc 2700 but i tried it with just my 2x1gb pc3200 to make sure that wasnt the problem as well. So anyways to get to the point , I uninstalled all the old drivers restarted and installed the new drivers then shut down the comp got the card and plugged it in my only PCI-E slot and the 2 PCI-E cables to the card and boot up. Well at first the screen just stays black and blinks as if nothing is connected so i fiddle with the connections , i notice that if i replug the DVI cable i can get a signal , but it is distorted and pixelated with lines through it and takes a while to boot. A few times i actually did get the computer to boot up and it recognized i had a hd 4800 series and that it had 1024mb of memory , but nothing else, i also got a yellow ! mark telling me to install some sort of HD sound drivers that i couldnt get to work. Now I can't really get passed the windows load screen. I have attached a screen shot of what it looks like.

Sorry for a lengthy first post and thanks for any help , I would really love to have this card working as I meet all system requirements!!!!!!!!!!

Windows Loading Screen

Boot Screen
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  1. ok so i looked at your mobo specs -

    can you test it without the 4870 and just using the onboard video?

    tbh it doesnt look good from those pics, are you able to test the card in another machine?
  2. Yeah my onboard video and my old card the x700 pro work fine, I haven't been able to test the card in another machine yet, i've been wondering if maybe the card came messed up from newegg but doubted it.
  3. hmm weird ive seen this a couple of times now but cant remember the solution... maybe the PSU rail thats providing graphics power is stuffed? other than that it has to be the graphics card itself in my mind
  4. You mean that my PCI-E connectors are jammed up together? That might actually be a good idea lol , i can check , but it's still weird that i usually have to replug my DVI before it even really starts to boot.
  5. Nope , power cable clutter is not the problem, any ideas anyone?? Thank you!
  6. deathtripp said:
    Nope , power cable clutter is not the problem, any ideas anyone?? Thank you!

    When he said the power supply rail might be "stuffed" he meant that it might not be able to provide enough power (i.e. it has too many sources drawing from it).
  7. Have you dissabled the onboard video? You may have a conflict
  8. Hmmm , it's supposed to be a 650 watter that came with my case . So i don't see how anything could be eating up the power. - dpatheal i've never had to dissable the onboard video with my x700 and dont even realyl see an option to do so. I'm actually of thinking of going ahead and upgrading my motherboard and processor in hopes of eliminating the problem. But first i have to find out if something is wrong with the card itself

    Thanks for the help so far guys!!
  9. or the rail is defective... stuffed in some way it really doesn't matter HOW, just that it IS.. im putting my money on defective gpu though
  10. Alright thanks for the help , I think i will ask NewEgg for an exchance then!!
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