Pentium D 820 LGA 775 in Dell Dimension E510

I need some help on updating my CPU. I purchased a Dell Dimension E510 in 2006. It came with a Pentium D 820 (2.8 Ghz), LGA 775 socket. I am wanting to upgrade this to something better and faster. I understand that the LGA 775 sockets must match, but what else do I need to consider when upgrading to a better CPU?
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  1. from what i read on the dell support forums, your motherboard doesn't support anything higher than pentium D. so unless you want to upgrade to a slightly faster and unbelievably overpriced pentium D 840, you're stuck.
  2. Intel 945G chipset is your end...thats the bad thing about this...same socket no upgrade path..

    upgrade available:

    graphics card
    and memory...

    look in the bright side... you can buy an affordable pentium dual core or AMD X2 7xxx series based board and cpu.
  3. hey Nik_I how are you doing with your new Phenom II x3 710? i am considering AMD system this year.
  4. Your dell has a btx format motherboard. Only a few are available; I found an Intel recently for about $75 at You will need to search for a 965 chipset board in btx or pico btx format. Otherwise, get a bare bones setup with case and transfer all your drives over to the new case.
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