Sata3 Drives in Raid 0 or SSD

Hey guys,

building a new system here.

Going w/ i7 930, and the mb is the gb udr3 the one that supports usb 3 and sata 3.

I'm trying to figure out if I should get 2x 1tb sata3 drives and put them in raid 0, or go with a SSD for the OS and throw all my apps on 1x1tb drive.

Here's what I do/want.

Snappy feel to the OS, fast boots, overall feel.

I game a lot.

I encode a lot of video and would like to have multiple apps open.

I'm really undecided.
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  1. or is neither option worth it, just go with 1tb sata3 drive and be happy...
  2. Anyone? Thanks
  3. a ssd for os and apps with another drive for data would be the better option, than raid
  4. In performance terms, an SSD large enough to hold the OS and your most commonly used apps will blow away any other HDD-based configuration.
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