Good Socket 775 For Overclocking Advice Needed

Here is my o/c setup:
- q9550 (was working beautifully at 3.5)
- Kingston - 8GB 2x4 HyperX 1066 DDR2
- Visiontek 5850 (eagerly awaiting it's unboxing)

Price is key too. I know it is worth spending the money on quality stuff, but I just built this system a little while ago, before my 780i started flaking out. Maybe, it was my fault for OCing it, but would like to steer clear of nVidia chipsets if possible (also just had a 750i that was DOA and a XFX 680i with failing USB).
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  1. Don't quite understand what you are asking. 3.5 GHz is a more than decent OC for a Q9550.

    If I had a working Core2 system with a decent overclock (Oh, wait. I do.), I wouldn't put any more money into it. I'd start saving for an i3/5/7/9 system.
  2. I don't want, don't need an i7. If I did I'd buy one.

    Yes, it is a good overclock, but my current MoBo is failing.
  3. Sorry. I misunderstood what was going on.

    I happen to like Gigabyte motherboards. I have one of these:

    with a Q6600 OD'd to 3.6 GHz.

    It will let you use your CPU and RAM.
  4. I would Go for a GA-EP43T-UD3L... Brilliant MOBO
    I Am also A fan Of Gigabyte.

    I Should Know. This is my MOBO :wahoo:

    EDIT = Picture + Link
  5. Make sure you get a board with a P45 chipset they will give you the best overclocking for 45nm core 2's. Get the board JSC mentioned or also look at an ASUS P5Q SE Plus great motherboard for overclocking.
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    The selection of 775 boards is getting smaller every day.

    If you are serious about the OCing part, I would go with a board with a little better cooling and more power phases, like:
  7. +1 ^^^^ I have that same exact board and it overclocks great.
  8. Thanx guys! I'm now the proud owner of an ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo.

    Question to RJR: why do I need better cooling? I've already got a nice Zalman heatsink, (with Arctic Silver) and an Xclio Windtunnel case (too lazy to look up the model) and am only at a max of 56c after runnning Prime95 for 12hrs oc'd at 3.3. This flaky 780i runs hot too.... Before my board started flaking out I was stable at 3.5 with the same temps.

    EDIT: d'oh! just re-read your reply, RJR. You meant a board with better cooling. Thanks for the suggestion, it will be nice to have a board with rear USB ports that actually work. Every rear USB port on the 780i no worky.
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