RAID0 making my computer crash randomly?

Hello, I've been running my computer in RAID0 for quite some time. I started out with one Seagate 500GB, but needed more storage so i bought another (slightly different model, exact same specs). 6 months later I needed another one, so I got a Western Digital drive (exact same specs again) and it worked fine for a while. Now, my copmuter randomly shuts out and acts like someone yanked the hard drive out. It automatically turns back on, and when it gets to the RAID checking screen, it panics and says that my array is offline and that the WD disk is functional in single mode. It tries to boot and fails (due to no boot media). When I restart, the same thing. Removing the power and waiting a couple seconds, then turning it on works. But the crashes are coming more and more frequently! Can anyone help?

Specs -

MS Windows 7 x64 Professional
AMD Phenom II 940 BE (3.0GHz, X4)
ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB
ASUS M4A78 PRO Motherboard (AMD 780G)
3 X 500GB HDD
Corsair TX750w PSU
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  1. what are the model numbers of the HDDs.
  2. OK, I'm gonna have to get those in a bit
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