What's better for games? Pentium 4 3.2Ghz E 540 or Dual 2.8GHz Xeon?

I have an old tower that has a single core Socket 775 P4 E 3.2GHz Prescott CPU in it. I also have a Dual Xeon 2.8GHz tower.

The dual xeon is currently running games just fine for me, but it is very clear that the CPUs are the bottle neck on this system. Should I make this 3.2GHz P4 E 540 machine my gaming system or stick with the Dual Xeon machine?

The problem with the Dual Xeon machine are that it has certified RAM and is only 32 bit.

The P4 has DDR2 and a socket 775 for a possible CPU upgrade.... Assuming the motherboard can accept a better CPU. It's a Dell GX280. (I have a 500 Watt PSU in it instead of the original 250)

The Xeon machine has no possibilities for upgrade.
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  1. Stick a 65nm core2 into the P4 box if it will take it - quad would be better but I suspect it will only handle an old Dual core.

    That would be faster than what you have - cheap I guess.

    Look up the mobo on the net and see what it will handle.

    Retire the Xeon as a gaming box - unless you can up the FSB on that board and squeeze a few Mhz out of it.

    Sometimes your stuck in terms of an upgrade path and it is time for a new mobo and chip - there are some combo bargains out there too.
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