Velociraptor cooler AND velociraptor vs samsung f3

Twi quick questions

Want to mount a velociraptor into space for a 2.5" drive. I can mount a new heatsink on top of it. Was thinking of this :

1. Would the drive work OK without the heatsink (which many people claim is only there to make it easier for severs etc as it keeps the 3.5" form factor)

2. Would the above cooler be an adequate replacement - although it would be mounted on top of the drive!!!???

3. The new samsung f3 has been giving some rediculously fast benchmakrs (140mb read).... so... velociraptor 300GB or spinpoint f3 (500gb or 1tb either)?

Only really need 300gb space,

Any input welcome
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  1. 1. It has been tested without the heatsink (icepack)and it works fine in a normally ventilated environment, so you should not have any problems.
    2. Sure it would, as it works even without a heatsink.
    3. I would go for the VR for its lower response time and higher IOPs. If you have the money go for the VR, if not, the F3 is awesome too. I own both and love them both the same for different reasons.
  2. IOPs?

    Thinking i'll get a VR boot drive (300gb)...a VR data drive (300gb)...then a smaller (160gb) to work as a page file drive. The software I use is database intensive and will munch of my 4gb of RAM in no time...but it's 32bit and wont recognise any more than 4gb! So page file takes a hammering.

    Any thoughts?
  3. Well a VR is a lot slower than real RAM. How many GB do you need? Wouldn't it be better to move to a 64 bit enviroment since even value RAM would be miles ahead of a raptor. RAM doesn't really have seek time and access data incredibly fast.


    Im my opinion you should go SSD + Spinpoint F3.

    You can get much faster access time and random read from a SSD than you can get from the raptop.

    The spinpoints on the otherh and have faster sustained read. Faster than SSDs on a per $ basis too. So you can always RAID spinpoints and boot windows from an SSD.

    Thats basically my setup.
  4. No....the software is limited to 32 bit and only addresses up to 4gb of RAM. Even in 64 bit environment, the software will only ever recognise 4gb of RAM

    I am using 4gb of 6-6-6-20 OCZ Reaper DDR3 1333Mhz set up in dual each is accessed independently

  5. I thought you said you only need 300GB of space, then you say you will get another 300GB for data and another 160GB for page? lol

    The basic question you need to answer is what you are going to use the PC for?
    What is this application?
    Is this application the ONLY one that will be running at the PC at one time, or will you be multitasking? (eg. rendering an image in the background while surfing the net)
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