Is it possible to overclock the 8400GS?

I have the nvidia 8400GS (made by Foxconn) along with Foxconn 45 CM S MB and Intel P4. Pretty old setup but I was wondering if it would even be possible to overclock the 8400GS? It's not covered by warranty anymore so I'd like a little feedback, if possible, before I try. Then again, I am doubtful if any sort of overclock would help really. My motherboard doesn't let me overclock the processor to more than 3.16 GHz (stock is 3.0!)

Thank you for taking the time to answer. :)
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  1. Yeah, you can overclock it. But you said it well, don't expect any big improvements. The 8400GS is a really weak gaming GPU.
    While your P4 is not a screamer by todays CPU standards, it is not much of a bottleneck for an 8400GS.
  2. OC-ing 8400GS is simply pointless, because max overclock you can achieve is about 5-6% which means that your Graphic performance will increase with 3-4%, which means :
    if a game runs on15 FPS on stock settings, OC-ed will be 16 FPS. You will NOT notice the difference at all.
  3. Hmm. I thought as much. Thank you for answering. I'm hoping to get a 9800 GTX sometime in Jan or Feb so that should help stuff. :bounce:
  4. ^THEN your P4 will become the big issue....really big...:)
  5. :D
    Maybe a small CPU upgrade to a cheap Core 2 Duo (around 2.8GHz) as well then. I think prices are expected to drop next month.
  6. it is possible to overclock 8400GS
  7. Nice bump.
  8. lol
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