SX2800 bios unlock & upgrade questions

Hi guys its my first thread after searching and not finding much. I was unsure where to place this so I hope the overclocking section / general is OK to start.. Thank you in advance!

First off let me say I’ve not done anything PC/ hardware related since 1999(and yes I’m old). About 6 months ago I bought a $400 Gateway SX2800-003 (Quad Core Q8200, 4GB-DDR3/PC10660-1333MHz) for use as a HTPC and its worked great. Over the last couple of months I added a Blueray reader, PowerDVD and ATI 5770 card. Up till now I’ve been able to work around the SFF and PSU limitations but beyond this further upgrades would likely be costly. Currently my Windows 7 experience scores are.

Processor 7.1
Ram 7.1
Graphics 6.8
Gaming Graphics 6.8
Hard Disk 5.8

I am doing more and more video processing and might like to do some casual gaming with Bad COmpany 2 or something. I was wondering what/how I could tweak the ram / processor speeds without starting over. Here are a few questions i thought of:

#1 Is there a way to unlock the bios on my gateway motherboard? I cant find anything on this topic.. (I know this may require a future case/PSU configuration)

#2 How bad is a 7.1 RAM score and would faster DDR3 ram make much of a difference in future gaming or video conversions?

#3 Would I have to unlock the bios and adjust the memory timings if I wanted to replace the DDR3 with faster units?

Thanks so much for helping an old IT guy. ;)
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  1. 1 There is no way to unlock the bios.

    2 Your memory are you sure its DDR3 if its DDR2 system you cant put DDR3 in it.

    3 Yes you would need an unlocked bios to change timing and getting faster memory will not improve your performance on your machine much if any. Faster RAM would only be needed if you could overclock your CPU which you cant on that gateway.

    I would suggest just saving your money for a newer system then putting any money into that rig the only thing I would suggest is if you dont already have 4GB of RAM get it other then that your system is about as good as it gets.
  2. Yes its DDR3 and at 4GB..

    oh well.. Thank you for the information
  3. Danny,

    I have a SX2802-01, which has the same case and layout as yours, I believe. I would like to upgrade the graphics card and would like to know exactly which 5770 card you were able to install. Does it run OK with the 220W PS? Is it quiet? Thanks.

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