I need to run my motherboard without a case


I have a ASUS A7SBX-MX motherboard that i need to test and run. But at the moment i cannot find a ATX case. I have all the other components.

I have tried several time to boot it, by puting jumper into the slots where the panel plugs fit in. but i've faced few issues, when i put a jumper to a power button slot motherboard boots and HDD works but after 2-3 sec it automatically turns off. Then i put a jumper to the slot where teh reset cable plugs in so that i have two jumpers one at the power button slot and the to other at the reset slot. Then the mainboard boots but it doesnt boot the HDD.

How can i boot this mainboard without a ATX case?

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  1. Don't jumper the pins. Just touch the power button pins with something conductive, such as a screwdriver. Then remove it. This will turn it on. This does the same as pressing the power button, momentarily shorts the pins.
  2. I tried, when i short circuit like that it starts up but only for few seconds. As soon as i remove the conductor after few seconds it shuts down again....

    lthis link will direct to my mainboard specs
  3. Your mobo or psu might be faulty or something, those pins should not be shorted all the time, to turn the psu on you only need an impulse, as orangeator said above. Normally on Asus boards(and maybe others as well) pressing and holding the power button( or shorting the pins) for 4 seconds will switch the psu off.

    Those pins are not switches as you might think, they dont have on and off positions like your light switch on the wall.
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