Overclocking XFX 8600GT 512mb x2

I have been reading some articles about being able to overclock the 8600gt to a close match to the 8600gts. Most of these are the 256mb models I have the XFX 512mb versions with stock speeds of 540 core and 400 mem. Anyone overclock the 512mb version before? Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Research what people are getting with your card. Then download Rivatuner and use it to overclock your card. Go by 25mhz increases and stress test the card with games and 3dmark Vantage then overclock it a bit more. Repeat this process until your card is unstable and lower the clocks individually by 3-5mhz until you find what is making it unstable. Also WATCH YOUR TEMPERATURES!!!

    Good luck
  2. Thank you Raven. I have managed to squeeze 651 core clock, 1432 shader, 441 mem. Thanks again.
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