Windows could not access network location:.

When i try to uninstall java 6u25 or any other program that uses Windows Installer i get this error: Windows could not access network location:.(should there be something between the : and the .?)
I just don't know what to do it happened when i updated java to u25 so that's why i tried to uninstall java 6u25. and yes i have Windows Restore disabled. So just don't know what to do. Tried everything on the first 3 google pages already x).

The whole Windows Installer seems completely broken. Nothing using it installs and all User Shell keys are CORRECT! i'm totally sure. I uninstalled java manually(deleting all records in system32 program files and all .msi related to it, and the registry) Now when i try to install it finally passes Preparing to install but then at "Computing Space Requirements' it says the same thing again: "Error 1606. Could not access network location :."
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  1. i've got a pic here :
  2. cannot edit messages heres the clickable link
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  4. Nobody knows anything? Please i still can't install/uninstall ANYTHING using Windows Installer. Installshield, nullsoft installers just work
  5. Hello everybody - for those of you who have tried everything to resolve this error 1606 issue ("can't access network location"), I think I finally found the solution. Run the Windows Installer Clean Up Application and delete your old Java programs from there. Then retry the installation. Apparently to install this latest version 6.0.310 you need to have all previous java programs and files completely uninstalled.
  6. Hi there,
    I had the same problem. 'Error1606: Unable to access network location :.' while installing JRE 7.x.

    I did the following:
    1. Ran Microsoft FixIt utility and chose to resolve the problem by self (2nd option).
    2. Kept following the instructions and it asked to uninstall and chose to go ahead.
    3. Ran the latest JRE offline installer once again and it worked like a charm.

    May be some lag in the offline installer to update while could do a clean install without a problem. This worked for me while i was apprehensive to uninstall but did it anyways and it worked. Just wanted to share as it MAY work for others too who are facing the same error.
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