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Hello guys, figured this would be the best place to ask about a 3dmark06 score. During the video card testing everything was super fast but once it got to the processor section the fps was only 0-1 through both the tests. Im running a 4870 Sapphire 1g GPU and the 8400 wolfdale DC 3.0, nothing is overclocked everything is stock. In the end my score was close to 14000 but not sure how exactly the processor part is supposed to go since mine dropped so horribly. Playing Left 4 Dead, Sacred 2, CS Source (299 fps), Hellgate London all on max settings with no hitches whatsoever, so kind of confused. Thanks for any help!
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  1. That is normal for a dual core. The processor test is extremely intensive.
    Besides, if it runs so nicely outside of the benchmarks, and you are happy with it running everything you do, who cares what it benchmarks!
    Enjoy it!
  2. Your score is completely normal. However the test isn't intensive at all. In the CPU test 3DMARK06 leaves all graphic processing to the CPU. Because a CPU isn't build for graphic processing at all, you get extremely pour performance.
    This is because processing graphics as all about processing tasks in parallel. Your CPU has two cores so it can do two things at one time. Your GPU however has 800 cores, so it can processs 800 things at one time :ouch:
  3. @Nils 800 tasks yes but only certain types of tasks. Graphics cards are not that great at running networking code or sound processing just yet...
  4. It wasnt that i was worried about the score itself, i just wanted to make sure my CPU wasnt defective or something along those lines so i could send it back if need be considering i just built the pc a few nights ago. Thanks for the speedy replies!
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