Does this sound like a dead Motherboard or cpu?

Trying to build a new system..I have Built many systems before and never encountered a DOA Board or CPU
My problem is I try to boot and get no post. The cpu fan and video card fan tries to spin quickly but then stops. I tried to unplug everything and leave in ram and cpu the cpu fan tried to spin for about 3-5 seconds this time but then just stopped. Now the system board led light indicating power won't light. Tried another PSU and the board light now is on but I can't boot and the cpu fan doesn't even try to start up.

My new system is Asus M2A-VM Motherboard, AMD athalon x2 4850e am2 cpu, 4Gigs Kingston ddr2 pc2-6400 800mhz ram, Thermaltake purepower 500np Psu, (second PSU I tried is Antec neo 480 W. The CPU fan is Amd Foxconn rated for AM2, Video card is ATI radeon x850xt

I am sure everything is plugged in right, cpu seated fine, artic silver thermal paste....Even tried just 1 stick of ram and reset the cmos but no go.....Only question is on heatsink fan it is a 3 prong and MB has 4 prongs but it fits on fine and clips in. Please help.

Bought everything from NewEgg got it yesterday.
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  1. That board looks to have the 690G chipset which is a bit older, while your CPU is a very new chip. You might need a BIOS flash, see if you can get your hands on an older AM2 cpu and try installing it to see if it posts. If it posts flash your bios. That MB does have a long BIOS release history so thats probably what it is.
  2. There are 2 places on the motherboard to plug power into.

    1 20/24 pin main power.

    2 4/8 pin CPU 12v atx power, usually located near the cpu socket.

    Without the 4/8 pin you get the symptoms you described.
  3. roadrunner, I connected both power connectors....
    Happy fanboy...hmm newegg sold the 2 as a combo. The thing is I can't do a bios flash because I can't get a post and nothing starts up.
  4. You might need a older cpu to do the flash with.
  5. Pull the CPU, and see if it will display a post (yes it will error). If you get no error beeps/code displayed, then the MB is bad. If it pulls up to a POST screen you should be able to open the BIOS and flash it (was able to on an old board I thought died)(AMD XP era board).
  6. IH8U....Thanks for the suggestion. I sent the parts back to Newegg and new ones are on the way. I hope they were defective and the new ones work without a hitch. If not I will do as you suggest.
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