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Intel's antitrust hearing denied

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February 28, 2009 4:23:41 AM

Intel's antitrust hearing denied

By Justin Robinson
Feb 27, 2009
Tags: Intel | Antitrust

Intel denied chance to defend themselves orally.

Intel have been accused by the European Union (or EU) of dodgy practices, specifically against AMD.

We had a look at this issue last month, where Intel was purportedly "slipping cash to OEMs who agreed to slow launch plans for AMD based PCs", and a lot more unfavourable behaviour.

Now though, the EU has denied Intel the chance to plead their side of the case verbally, demanding that they supply all the documents needed for evidence in a physical form before they can start the discussion.

Intel even went so far as to ask that AMD be pressured into revealing evidence to prove that Intel wasn't doing their bullying, but it's not particularly likely that that extra info will be given (after all, AMD must enjoy being on top every now and then - especially when faced with Core i7).

It's an interesting case, and if the allegations do prove to be true against Intel then we could potentially see a very bad result for Intel at the end.

Head over to arstechnica to read a little more on the issue at hand.,intels-antitrus...

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February 28, 2009 3:42:10 PM

I think there is a lot more to the story than what is reported in that article.

I don't know the civil 'procedure' of that EU Commission but as I understand how this whole thing unfolded ... Intel had a time period to respond to the original request and went through certain legal gyrations to extend to seven months what was an original two-week deadline.

I feel certain that commission has a formal appeals process. Whether Intel followed that process in their 'legal gyrations' nobody seems to know - can't find anyone who is up to speed on those procedures in the EU. IIRC a separate European court squashed the legal gyrations back in January and then Intel followed through on the original request - albeit 7 months later.

I hate to seem so cynical but all that's going to happen is Intel will be fined hundreds of millions of Euros - so by delaying the hearing for 7 months Intel has saved $0.25 on a $1.00 because of the drop in exchange rates.

February 28, 2009 4:25:46 PM

So let's see... EU court is going to use the same bias it used against Microsoft on Intel.
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March 1, 2009 1:37:54 AM

Well just gotta love the EU and thier "Not a chance in hell to defend yourself" attitude. Plus I love how even though AMD started the suit the EU wont make AMD cough up the evidence. I guess evidence from AMD is not as important as thier word is but Intels word is not good enough as evidence to defend themselves.

Kinda one sided if ya ask me.
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March 1, 2009 2:42:10 AM

Going back to watching my exterior house paint fade ... seems more exciting.

March 1, 2009 3:17:15 AM

As usual, the real winners are the lawyers.
March 1, 2009 3:52:55 AM

I dunno, but I'm sure Intel pulled some really sketchy stuff back in the Athlon 64 era.

But as pastit said, AMD won't see a dime, it'll all go to the lawyers and the governments.
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March 1, 2009 8:38:59 AM

pastit said:
As usual, the real winners are the lawyers.

+1. Nothing more to it.