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I went to boot my computer this morning and received the error message "Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter". The computer has been working fine recently, although when I booted it up last night the fan seemed to run much louder and longer than it usually does when i turned on my pc. From what I understand this message may mean hard drive failure so I decided to try the drive in another computer of mine. I got the same message on my other computer. I checked the bios screen, and it was not picking up anything under ide/sata devices. This is a computer that I have had for 3 years and had no problems with until now. Any Help here would be greatly appreciated. Also if this is hard drive failure, how would I go about recovering the data? I have many work related files on there that need to be recovered if at all possible.
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  1. That's not a good sign :pfff:

    Try the simple things first. Change the data (IDE or SATA) cable. Try using a different power adapter (molex or SATA) from the PSU.

    Double check the BIOS setting, to make sure the hard drive isn't disabled as a boot device.
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