Lagging bios menu after OC

Hello All,

Can somebody tell me what could be the reason why the bios menu is lagging when I try to navigate it? Like 1 or 2 second lag to choose another item or submenu. Everything was doing pretty fine until I did a max overclock, nothing smelled burned or anything and windows 7 was still able to load with the max overclock, I was even able to play games like Left 4 Dead 2, Starcraft 2 Beta, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5 all with maxed out video settings on my 4890. My max overclocks are as follows:

Phenom II x4 940 AM2+ 3.0 base
4gb ddr2 1066 (i did not go above 266 fsb so as not to be over the 1066 mhz when the mem gets overlocked. fsb:ram 1:2 so 266x2 = 532, 532x2 = 1064)

266 x 14.5 = 3857 Mhz (loaded win 7 64 bit ultimate, able to play games etc)

alternatively chose the next one for lower temps

200 x 19 = 3800 (memory reaction was low due to lowered fsb related to NB/HT

so finally I chose this

266 x 14 = 3724 mhz (everything seems fine, os loads, games load, no blue screens about memory dump at startup)

but then the bios lagging happened. What could have possibly went wrong?

cpu voltage is set at 1.52 (i was told that max cpu voltage for my cpu is 1.55)

looking forward to your replies

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  1. Have you tried clearing your CMOS ?
  2. you can try clearing the cmos but it sounds like your overclock is not as stable as you think it is
  3. yeah i tried clearing cmos, used 2 methods, the jumper method and uninstalling the battery cell method, but it's still like that, still lagging, i even updated to the newest bios, i'm hoping i did not damage the board with the over voltage setting, now everything is at stock settings(manually input 200 x 15 = 3000), even tried to use default (everything on automatic) but still lagging
  4. The lagging BIOS screens may not be anything to do with your overclocking attempt, have you got any devices connected to the USB ports? If so remove them, also remove any hardware not needed to get into the BIOS such as hard disk fit only one RAM stick etc.
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