BFG GTX 260 MaxCore and Counter Strike Source Issues

I need some help. I recently just upgrade from a XFX 8800GT 512 XXX edition to the new BFG GTX260 Maxcore. Reason for the update was that my fps in Counter-strike source were all over the place and other games would crash so i figured the card was going out. Well I bought the card and a new psu (680watt) to get this puppy running right. Well when i had XP sp3 on there i noticed a slight difference in my fps like a 10%-15% increase. In the stress test I was pulling 231 with the XFX and now 251 with the gtx260, with everything set on high and anti 4x and trilinear. So I talked to a few people and they convinced me to get Vista Ultimate 64bit to unleash its full potential. Well now my fps in counter-strike source is bad. I still pull like 251 in the stress test but in game its like starting in the 160-200s and drastically drop down into the 70s. I have no idea what this can be and its starting to irritate me because i know i didnt just drop like $500 in new hardware/software to have it preform less. Also I ran crysis with everything on HI and i must say the difference between the cards was amazing. Crysis looked great so I was impressed. But I mainly play CS:S and the performance is horrible. Has anyone else had a similar issue or might have some idea on how to fix this problem. Just for reference the I did a fresh OS install with everything so its pretty much a new system. I also noticed that when im on my desktop or browser when i scroll I see a slight glitch almost as if the refresh rate is not all there or something is wrong cause half my screen glitchs for a split second on scrolls? Could it be a faulty card?

Mobo: XFX 680i LT
CPU: Q6600 SLACR 2.4ghz
RAM: 4gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer
PSU: 680Watt Apevia Iceberg
Video: BFG GTX260 MaxCore
Case Antec 900
OS Vista Ultimate 64Bit
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  1. Also forgot to ad im running a dell 21inch wide screen with resolution at 1600x1050
  2. Hei dude ... i have the same problem like u have with counter strike source .... I also changed my old 9600GSO with a new Gtx 260 from Leadtek ..... and i have the same problem like u have in counter strike source ..... with the old card i was running counter strike source with everything max out antialising 8x 1280x1024 and I always had 200 fps + with 20 bots ..... now with this card i have 300 fps + alone on server .... but after i put one bot on the map the fps drops to 60-70 its ok but the game lags ugly :( ........

    I tried many drivers but still same *** :| ....... i run other games perfectly ....

    system specs. Core2Duo E8400 3.2Ghz, 2gigs ddr2 Ram Kingston, Leadtek Gtx260 Extreme+ hdd 320gigs Seagate, Thermaltake TR2 470W powersuply ......
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