SSD connected to motherboard instead of a controller?

I don't know much about how SSDs are connected to a system. I heard that instead of buying a controller to connect the SSD to the motherboard, the SSD is connected straight on the system bus. I don't know what this mean exactly.

Can someone explain this a little more and if there are motherboards which support this type of connection, what are some of them?
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  1. I believe is what you have heard is to connect the SSD drive to the motherboard SATA ports versus using a controller card. There is no reason not to connect the SSD directly to the motherboard through the SATA ports that I'm aware of.
  2. All modern desktop motherboards have SATA ports that you can connect an SSD to directly. The only reason you wouldn't do this is if you had so many drives that you ran out of ports on the motherboard, or if you want do something special like using a hardware RAID card.
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