9800GTX+ random crashes

Having just spent £130 on an Inno3D GeForce 9800GTX+ (512MB OC DDR3 PCI-E), and having finally managed to squeeze this beast into an Antec 900 case, I am finding that my computer will freeze up randomly while using the card (ie. playing games, watching movies..).

The computer freezes (usually with a lot of graphics corruption) and will not respond, needing a hard reset. This happens unpredictably.

The GTX+ has ONE 6-PIN Molex power input which is plugged in (I have used two 4-pin - to - one 6-pin adapter supplied with the card).

I have tried switching from one PCI-E slot to the other (My ASUS P5K/EPU has two).

I have tried using the Nvidia performance monitoring software to watch the GPU temp (which, after two ours of Supreme Commander never went above 40c).

I am currently using the latest 180.48 NVIDIA drivers (these seem to be the only ones that my card supports).

I have tried using less power by disconnecting extraneous fans and such (I have a 500W PSU available at http://www.ebuyer.com/product/124922).

I have tried rolling back back to SP2.

Please help me!
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  1. What is the total Amps on the +12v rail(s)?

    Looking at the PSU description in the link you provided, It says it supports SLI technology, but it only has one native PCIe connector.

    A 9800GTX will need close to 230W, on load. It could be your PSU is running close to that.

    Have you tried to put the old video card in to see if the problem continues? Have you tried reinstall drivers to make sure it is not a software problem?
  2. Unfortunately, this is a completely new computer (my old Graphics Card was an AGP) so I can't just plug in an older one. I am not sure about the amount of power outputted by my PSU, but the NVidia website assured me that a 9800GTX+ needs 450W system power, so I considered 500 plenty.

    Any way to easily test if that is the problem (I've tried disconnecting fans, but i could disconnect dvd drive, the secondary HD, unnecessary USB devices, etc..) But if the problem is apparently random, how can I test to see if it works.
  3. 40c seems very low for being under a load,Hmm.
    Flyin5sec may be on to it with lack of quality power,Id go 700w min
    What happens if You run 3dmark?..what temp range?
    Ive seen cards run without the power they need and while they worked (poorly)it seems they never got very hot,as if it was working on some lower power mode.
  4. Ya 40c is too low.
    I looked online and most 9800gtxs idle around 50-60c!Under load 70-90c.
    My bets on psu.Try a 700w from store, if no change just return.

    i know thats sleazy, but I bet Youd end up keeping it.and returning the other.
  5. Hi guys,
    I have the same problem with 9800GTX+. When I am playing any games that my PC (after any time) freezes: The picture is stoped and sound is playing but chopped and still repeat short sequence. I always must restart my PC.

    I do not know what to do. I updated graphic drivers, mainboard drivers and BIOS.

    Temp my graphic never has been more that 40c.

    MB: Gigabyte EP45-DS3R, PS: Fortron Bluestorm II 500W.
  6. I have cought a 600W PSU and replaced it, same problem. I have run my 2 4-pin molex to 1 6-pin molex from two different rails, same problem.

    If I return this, it has to be done now. Should I?
  7. I recently bought a BFG 9800GTX+ OC video card two weeks back. From the day i installed it i get red color artifacts.
    But i don't see this always. I see this while im on desktop, browsing the web, folders etc .Games are running fine ! I tried installing different versions of nvidia drivers including the latest version, none of them helped !
    I also updated my mobo bios and chipset drivers but it did not help.
    after the screen is filled with red patches, it freezes and i have to reboot the pc.
    I have never overclocked the card. I also tried lowering the factory clocks but it too did not help !
    The card shows 50c when idle and around 70-80c while gaming according to evga precision.

    It would be great if you can help me solve this problem !

    Intel core 2 Duo E8400
    1gb Kingston ddr2 800mgz x 2
    Intel DP35DP mobo
    500W psu
    2 x 12v rails
    12v1 - 10-A
    12v2 - 14A
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