D-Link Switch default password?

As the title says, I have a D-Link DGS 2208 (Revision C1). After setting it up, I changed the password, but then had to reset it recently. Can anyone tell me what the default username and pass is supposed to be? I can't find this info anywhere. Thanks in advance~
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  1. bump. no one has a dlink router?
  2. Its on the installation manual of the router for each specific model. If you don't have a copy go to dlink webpage. Get the manual and installation procedure pdf file.
    I'm pretty sure its there. I have done this before.
  3. I had downloaded the manual before I asked my question from here http://www.dlink.com/products/support.asp?pid=495&sec=0 , but it doesn't show the password anywhere. I can't find an installation procedure file...
  4. The username is probably admin and the password will either be: admin, password, 1234, or it is left blank. Give those a try and see if they work.
  5. Darknet is correct... The account is Admin and the default password is blank. Hit enter and it should allow you to log in. Check this DLINK FAQ page....

  6. Gah, nothing works. Thanks for the replies, I'm probably going to have to interrogate one of my roommates who probably changed it then forgot.

    Appreciate the help.
  7. If you press the reset button of the router it will go to default settings.
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