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I received this rig from a friend as a loaner. Sata 1: Samsung HD 753 LJ Sata 2: Samsung HD 753 LJ Sata 3: WD 7500 AADS-00L Sata 4: OCZ Agility 3 Sata 5: ATAPI BD 0 DH401S CPU: AMD Phenom 9850 Quad -Core Ram: 4GB Video: 2 card setup Case: Lancool I am having issues trying to install Win Home Prem 7 SP-1 64bit on the ssd. It has gone as far 19% unpacking win files before it hangs there doing nothing till the error message, stopping the installation. I have been reading, researching & testing ideas for 2 plus weeks. I have figured out that the first three sata drive are 750 gb raid drives. Do I need to put the ssd drive on sata 1 & the blue-ray reader on sata 2?Can someone please enlighten me on how to get this rig up and running. Or do I just install a Sata 2.5 750GB drive an go on?
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  1. Hi,

    Turn off your computer and unhook all drives except for the installation drive (your SSD?) and your disc drive.

    Unless you actually need a 3xRAID setup (0 is striped for speed but less reliable, "1" is mirrored for reliability) then I recommend you remove two of those hard drives so that you have a setup like:

    1) SSD - for Windows
    2) 750GB - for games, backups, downloads and multimedia

    Be aware that the SSD will fill up over time. If it's 60GB only you need to be extra careful and make sure you install games to the hard drive etc. Just use the SSD for Windows and programs. Over time Microsoft updates and System Restore will fill up the space.

    - Install Windows with only the Windows drive (SSD?) attached
    - install hard drive after Windows is installed (maybe use just one?)
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