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hello everyone this is my first post on here so please bare with me
my problem is i have the the foxconn/winfast k8m890m2ma-(rs2h) motherboard and the cpu i have in there now is a (amd sempron 64bit-3000+@1.6)
and id gone to the shop to buy the (amd sempron 64bit-le1250 @2.2) and my computer said no to that both cpus are (AM2) but then the shop dude told me that the le1250 cpu was classed as a (AM2+) so he tryed a (amd-athlon 5200+) and he said no-joy so it looks like im looking for a (AM2) only cpu but when i went onto the winfast website the list of compatible cpu's for my board are (AMD Sempron™, Athlon™ 64, Athlon™ 64FX, Athlon™ 64X2 processors, Socket AM2) but i dont know what i can put into my pc to upgrade because it seems that shops only seem to sell the (AM2+) so im hoping that some clever dude or dude-ess can help me with this im realy wanting to know what range the (AM2) covers so i dont keep buying the wrong cpu.

many thanks people for your time
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  1. The Athlon 64 X2 from 3600+ to 6000+ (Brisbane) are all AM2.
    I'd probably take a look at those.
    You can find outdated processors on ebay and such, take a look.
  2. many thanks (The Third Level) for your time ill give one a try its a shame realy due to some motherboards can take the newer ones with a bos update but ive no found ant like that for mine
  3. journeyman sorry about the wrong name posted
  4. I had a similar issue, so for those who stumble across this page,

    Foxconn has on their site a compatibility tab so that people can enter the part number of their boards to find a list of known good processors and their families. More descriptive than what you listed. Below is a link to the board described above:

    sorry you recieved a late reply.
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