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My motherboard is a gigabyte GA-MA78LM-S2H. It has the AMD760G chipset. For about a month, the AMD Overdrive program worked fine under Windows 7 64-bit, but as of this past weekend, it no longer will work where it fails to start up at all.

Looking at the AMD website, I see that my chipset is NOT compatible with AMD Overdrive. Why did it work before? I didn't update my BIOS or anything. I just find it curious that it was working on a board it should have and now, it no longer works? [:isamuelson:8]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE: Well, I figured out why it was working before. I had installed the Gigabyte utility called Easy Tune 6 installed. Apparently, I uninstalled this and that is when AMD Overdrive quit working. I reinstalled Easy Tune 6 because I wanted a way to overclock via software without having to reboot into the BIOS. That's when I decided to reinstall Overdrive and lo-and-behold, it works now!

I suppose I could just use EasyTune because it does give me pretty much the same options as AMD Overdrive.
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    I would always recommend not overclocking via software anyways.
  2. Thanks for the response. Any reasons as to why you wouldn't recommend it?

  3. Never mind. Saw your response in another thread explaining the reasons why.

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