I7 Core 940 on intel DX58SO with OCX DDR3

Well I thought I was upgrading from a Intel Quad core on an ASUS Republic of gamers setup with my XFX 9800 GX2 card, X-FI sound, 4 gig crucial, a system that ran flawlessly and smoked anything and everything I wanted to do or play.

To my new "$THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS$" i7 Core setup..........and right now.....I am disappointed.

I put together a "i7 CPU 940 2.93GHX, on an Intel DX58SO, using my above XFX 9800 Gx2 card & the X-fi sound card.

I bought and installed 3 - 1-gig sticks of OCZ 1333mhx ddr3 ram @ 1.6 volts, since that is what INTEL SAID TO USE, installed a High output Thermaltake CPU cooler a 5 sector fan & temperature control system.

Flashed the bios up to the current 3054 setup, the machine starts, boots, and runs windows and everything seems to work, but the system seems sluggish.

Not what I expected from the HIGH END hardware I bought. When typing things, the system hangs up. Programs hesitate before opening,

and online

I joined my favorite BF2142 server, only to have the game get jittery after about 5 minutes, hang up then smooth out for about 5 minutes, then repeat this annoying...game stopping jitter and fuzzey crap. Well I played for about 30 minutes and said screw it.

I have talked to INTEL.....they said the CPU and MOBO are good to go.

So.....wheres my conflict? MY NVIDIA Card? OCZ RAM??

I am totally disappointed. HELP????!!
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  1. Sumpin else is wrong. Did you run a memtest on the ram, sometimes its bad outa the box.
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