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I'm having an unsual (as far as I know) problem with my two Nvidia 9600GT (Sli) cards and my Samsung T220 Monitor. When I lswitch my computer on my monitor loses signal shortly after the Xp Pro loading bar appears. I remove the connector from the back of the computer, push it back in and Windows XP displays with no problem. I've patched Windows, downloaded New drivers for both graphics cards and for the Samsung but the problem persists.
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  1. hmm... i would say something driver related, because the nvidia drivers load at a specific point in the winxp loading bar... i know that because my obscenely loud 9600GT fan goes silent when it reaches a point... sli related problem? have you tried with a single 9600GT?
  2. ^^^

    V3NOM, may I suggest the ARCTIC COOLING Accelero S2 to passively cool down your 9600GT? I have a Foxxcon (??) 9600GT that came with the S2 passive cooler attached. I love it. However, your case must be tall enough for it to fit.

  3. I downloaded and installed the drivers for the graphics card again, after rebooting a few times it seems to have fixed the problem so it appears that it was driver related.

    The fans on the 9600GT are loud I have to say.

    Thanks for the help all.
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