Northbridge temperature!

Hey everyone,

I have a question regarding my Northbridge on my Abit I-N73V motherboard.

I run Everest on my PC to monitor the temperatures and noticed that my Northbridge (labeled under MCP in Everest) goes up to 68°/70° degrees! It also feels real hot when I touch it at the side and unfortunately don't have any room for fans to cool it down.

Is this temperature normal?
Can it hurt other components in my PC?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Is your CPU running hot too? When I had a pentium4 back in the day, the HSF got clogged with dust, at that time I didnt care about temps, but one day I wanted to take off one HDD and it was so hot I couldn't hold it, then I realized my CPU was frying the whole system.

    Those temps are too high for a northbridge, maybe is overvolted or something. or it's just the cpu running too hot next to it.
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