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I have an HP pavilion with a Core 2 duo E4300 and 2GB of ram. I want to get the best video card for gaming in the 80-100.00 range. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I use PCI Express 2.0 cards in this machine if the motherboard is rated to support PCI express x16?

Thanks so much!
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  1. Yes you can, the 2.0 cards are backwards compatable. You could also use it in a PCIe slot thats rated at X8
  2. I would look at a 4670 from ATI. good card for that little money. Or, a 9800 GT would be a good choice as well.
  3. ~76 - ATI's 4670
    ~88 - Nvidia's 9600GT
    ~109 - ATI's 4830
  4. Some 4830 are even under 100$ and would definitely for gaming, just double-check that the PSU can support give it enough juice.
  5. Thanks to all--I went ahead and ordered the 4670. I appreciate the advice!
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