Any feedback on a Rosewill RSV-S8 8-bay NAS?

I'm looking into purchasing an 8 bay NAS case to set up a RAID 5 configuration for a media library. Nothing intensive needed from it, just a place to simply store and play movie files from. The Rosewill RSV-S8 8 bay system caught my eye because of it's low price; many 4 bays cost as much or more. I'd probably buy four 2TB drives along with it, to get started with. Has anyone had any experience with this particular NAS, any positive or negative feedback towards it?
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  1. I found this forum talking about this unit. Looks great for a DAS or to extend your WHS box as the writer did. Edited... Gotta be careful with my terminology because it may not qualify to be a DAS.

    Its not build from titanium but you don't have to pay for titanium either. It is not, however, a NAS on its own as it has no ethernet ports or cpu. It's just a place to put external drives on a computer. It has a 300w psu to power them up.
  2. adampower - that was my understanding of the unit as well. It's great for attached storage, but is not in itself a NAS. I've thought about a unit like that if my Windows Home Server runs out of space.
  3. I have it and it has worked very well for several years. However, recently, it's only 12cm fan failed and the hard disks heated up to 98 degrees celsius (!!) (look at my other thread) since they are packed really close together. The hard disks, surprisingly, didn't fail but I replaced them together with the fan as it was difficult to trust them after that heat exposure. With the caveat that you need to monitor your hard drive temperatures carefully, I heartily recommend it.

    (With the fan functioning, the hard disks in the enclosure ran well at 40-45 degrees when active and 30-35 when idle.)
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