Asus P6T and eSATA problems

I just upgraded to an Asus P6T with an i7 920 and Vista 64 bit

My eSATA drive doesn't like Vista 64 bit very much. Sometimes the board sees it, sometimes not. It's listed in the BIOS as IDE.

Because this is Vista, should all my SATA drives be AHCI?

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  1. It appears from Asus forums that lots of users of this board are complaining of similar problems. even the latest bios updates do not resolve the eSATA issues as at the time of writing.
  2. i have the same setup and also had problems with esata. AHCI mode and this driver* solved my problems.
  3. I had same issue with the eSATA external port on my Asus Rampage II Genie motherboard running dual O/S (Win XP 32 and Win 7 64). This board is very similar to the Asus P6T. An external drive on the eSATA would come and go, as to being visible and accessible under Explorer, with no apparent pattern. The issue occurred with both O/S. The above driver was a later version than what Asus had on their web site for the JMicron controller, and when installed under each O/S, it fixed the problem on both. The ACHI mode (under advanced configuration settings in the BIOS setup) makes this eSATA drive hot pluggable. This was a great fix - thanks.
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