To overclock, I just change multiplier right? Phenom II X4 955be

I just changed my multiplier from auto to 17x resulting in me having a 3.4ghz machine now.

Is this how one overclocks? Is there anything else I would need to do?
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  1. Yes, for starters that is.
    Just go up x1 and see how she does.
    Don't do like a stereo and crank it. LOL

    But there is a lot more that is possible.
  2. Need a good CPU cooler
    You need Hardware Monitoring programs
    You will still want to google some guides
    Stability programs for testing your overclock.

    You might have to raise voltage a little bit too so I strongly suggest you find a guide and read it.

    Read THIS before you do anything.
  3. Just seen where you have already done it.
    You basically now have a 965BE. :)
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