Good Raid HDDs? sigh i was about to buy two WD blacks too!

Sigh thank god.. i didnt order the two wd blacks 500gb or else i would of had been screwed by not having the ability to turn on TLER. =/ so now does any one know any good hdds i could use in a raid setup
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  2. If you want TLER you need to get enterprise level drives. I am using 2 WD RAID Edition 3s. There are RE4s now available in 1.5TB and 2TB.

    You could go for the Seagate Constellation drives. I heard they were pretty good, nothing like their crappy consumer level drives apprently.

    The Spinpoint F1 RAIDs are very good drives as well. Good performers for sustained read.

    I heard the Hitachi Deskstars are really reliable drives. I believe they all sport a 1.2 million MTBF but im not sure if they have CCTL.

    Anyway among all your options. I think your best choice is the Western Digital RE4. I never really like seagate so I can't recommend them. Samsung I have used a few times and their drives are great, they don't have 2GB drives but they do have 500GB and 1TB flavors if you are not interested in putting 2TB RE4s in RAID. Hitachi drives I have gotten very good feedback from, no problems in RAID apparently. If you want cheap drives for RAID that has good reliability, the Deskstar is a fine choice.
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