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Hey guys, there's a free ram contest sponsored by crucial at ovaclockers/frozentec,
As many of you know I'm a regular poster here on toms and I post at ova as well
(it's just a little site a few friends of mine and I have been working on)
Tell me what you guys think of it...don't be afraid to critique...
I just thought some of you might be interested in getting free ram...just know this is not
any kind of spam but just a friendly post....
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  1. Hi men, i see the same new in the same forum that you say. I'm thinking in enter, but for now i'm reading the rules. Maybe this is only for the US and Canada.
  2. It for thses places because crucial only ships to these places:
    the US, Canada, UK and EMEA (Europe Middle East and Asia).
    But the admins there agreed that we can probably ship this anywhere
    (It'll just take longer)
    The cool this is the odds of winning are pretty good...
    so if you guys are interested you could join the contest...
  3. You never know when you need new ram so go..go..go.., happy to see that the RAm can be shipped anywhere!
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