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New ZT PC came w/Windows 7. I reconfigured to dual boot with XP. Now, ati2vdag Blue Screen locks up periodically. Nothing I found on the 'net seems to solve the problem. Running SVC pack 3. ZT computer has LOTS of memory and disk space, if that's important. I hate to think I need to return to Windows 7 ONLY to solve this problem . . . HELP?
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  1. I think the most successful attempts have been on 2 separate hard drives, one for 7, and the other for XP.
    A lot of people had problems doing what you are trying to do.
  2. I am dual booting Win7 and Linux with no problems; If your copy of XP has problems it is NOT caused by the dual boot, you have some other problem. How much memory do you have? What video card do you have?
  3. After I reloaded Windows 7 in its own partition all the blue screens went away. Not sure why, but choose not to tamper with success . . .
  4. It works on some PCs and not on others...
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