Why my HDD speed is slow

I have the Western Digital 2T green hard drive and when I start to copy my files to the new drive I get 24mb/s speed , is that should be higher ?

my config:
i7 860 - 4 gb ram - Win7 64bit

screen shot

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    It looks about right to me.

    There is a difference between random read and sustained read. Random for HDDs can be below 1MB/s depending on how small the files are. Basically hard drives need to seek for files which adds time. Transfering 1 x 25GB file would be much much faster than transfering 2300 files at 10mb each. If you factor in fragmentation it seems about right.

    Here is my RAID 0 array with Western Digital RAID Edition drives doing single large file and a million small files.

  2. oh ic thanks
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