newbie needs help with first build!

Hey guys, it's my first time building a computer but I'm having some troubles. I finally got it to boot to the bios/boot screen/whatever it's called, but it says "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER"

I changed the first boot up item to cd-rom.. but my dvd drive won't open/close. My first time, so I don't know what information you guys need, so ill start with the specs:

E8400, 2x2gb DDR2 1066, 640GB WD HDD, GIGABYTE UD3R. GTX 260 Core 216, Samsung DVD Drive, 650W Corsair PSU
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  1. I figured no power was going to the DVD drive, and sure enougb it worked better once I replugged in the cables for it. Installed Vista, upgrading drivers and all that crap right now
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