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Right, having a bit of a dicky-fit atm with a phantom printer that XP keeps on picking up as a new PnP device. I know that nothing has physically been added, and the Printers/Faxes panel brings up nothing out of the ordinary (possibly due to the computer's obvious lack of success in trying to find drivers for an imaginary device.) Now truth be told, I couldn't really care less if the damn thing wants to make up its own peripherals, however because the install process starts up every time the computer does it is dramatically lengthening my boot-up time, and quite frankly irritating my boss, and consequently me. Did think for a while it was this new-fangled XPS malarky, but after some careful fiddling and some less careful language, I've come to the conclusion it probably isn't. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try turning off "Shell Hardware Detection" service. You'll loose autoplay on your CD Rom, but no more nags when you plug in some new piece of hardware, real or not.


    Look down the right pane for Shell Hardware Detection, double-click it and click the dropdown choice box, select "Disabled" and to kill it right now, click "Stop"

    Click Apply, Click Ok and exit services.

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