New system, new overclocker (me)

Hello forums!
I just got my parts, put it together, and here I am ready to OC, but a bit lost. Ive checked the BIOS but i want to ask for advice before i pull ant triggers. Heres my setup

AMD 955
Gigabyte 790FXTA-UD5
4G OCZ 16000 DDR3
powercolor HD5850
600W winpower V2.3 (I think I goofed here, reading reviews on Winpower)
Antec 200 case

First off, I got good RAM that I know isnt running nearly as fast as it can. I want to get them rocking. The CPU is unlocked, but how do I get the most of my (good) MB/RAM as well.
I am using the stock cooler, for now, on the AMD. I dont need to push 4GHz... yet.

Any experienced UD5 users out there who feels like lending a hand? I am new to the intricacies with OC'ing this thing.

I will continue reading the forums, but I am still a bit overwhelmed.

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  1. Regardless, you really should get an aftermarket cooler. You won't get far with the stock fan. In fact, you might as well just stop because the gains you'd get with the stock cooler would be nominal at best.

    After that, you can go to the first sticky post in this forum which explains how to overclock the Black Editions which have the multipliers unlocked. That should work for you since your multiplier is unlocked and it's a pretty easy guide to follow.

    After that, when you want to get more technical, you can follow this guide from Tom's Hardware for more advanced OCing.,2161.html
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