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Hi there,

My system, at the moment:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
2 x 1GB DDR2-800 Dual Channel
WD Raptor 74GB SATA
Maxtor 250GB EIDE
GeForce 7600GS 256MB PCI-E
Asus 22" Widescreen LCD (1920x1080 native res)
Windows XP SP2

I play Call of Duty (World at War) and less frequently, WoW. WoW runs well, but Call of Duty is horrendously slow. The cinematics (intro video) when you start a new game are fine, but the game play is jerky. Graphics are about 3 seconds behind the audio. I am playing at 1920x1080 at high detail, which is part of the problem, but even at 1600xwhatever it's not much better. Any lower than that looks bad on this screen although once you get down to 1280x1024 it's bearable. 1024x768 is just fine, but again, looks nasty on this screen because of the high native resolution.

I am looking at either a 9800GTX+ ($199 at my local mom 'n pop computer store), or a 4870 for $239. Both cards have 512MB. Both are Asus brand.

Please share your experience/recommendations.

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  1. 4870 will win by significant margin plus it is the same amount of $$ after rebate and 220 and 20 dallor rebate
  2. Thanks Kelfin. What do you think about the 4850?
  3. A HD 4870 512MB can play CoD4 with 57 fps at 1920x1200, according to this review:

    At 1920x1080, I'm guessing 60 fps.

    The 9800GTX+ does not appear in that review, but since it's a little behind the HD 4850, which gets 50 fps at 1920x1200, I'd guess it would give you about 50 fps at 1920x1080.
  4. Jonn said:
    Thanks Kelfin. What do you think about the 4850?

    It's between the 9800GTX+ and the HD 4870, closer to the 9800GTX+.

    BTW, you should have a 450W+ PSU for any of these cards.

    Edit: does your motherboard support SLI or Crossfire? If you have a SLI MB you should get the 9800GTX IMO, otherwise the HD 4870.
  5. The 4850 is a great card.....I currently have an iceq4 version, and I max out cod4 and world at war with relative ease. I game at perhaps if you want to max those games out at your native resolution you should just go for the 4870.

    My choices in the following order - 4870 - 4850 - 9800gtx+.
  6. The 4850 is best price/performance hands down. just on price find it cheap as 120 O.o at newegg in comparision to the 9800gtx+
  7. You'd probably be happy with the 4850 or 4870. I play COD4/5 with my 8800GTS 512MB and it pounds both games @ 1440x900. I can do 60-75FPS in both easily in most areas.

    The 4850 beats out my 8800GTS overall. If you can afford the 4870 though, get a good deal/rebate, it wouldn't hurt to go that route. :) Just means you can hang on to that video card a little bit longer.

    The deal Kelfen linked to looks good.

    If you go HD4850:
  8. You guys have convinced me to go with the 4870. That, and the reviews/benchmarks that I found through Google which show the particular 4870 that I have eyes for (Asus EAH4870) outperforming the eVGA GTX280.

    One last question before I head down to my mom 'n pop to buy the card: should I get the 512MB version or the 1GB version? The price difference is only $10. The 1GB version also has 'DK' at the end of its model number. I am not certain what significance that holds.

    Thanks again!
  9. hell if it is 10 dollar difference why not :bounce:
  10. For 1920x1080, the 1GB version is totally worth the extra $10.
  11. Well...since call of duty is a very primitive and very low graphical game to begin with...even a 8600gts can/should be able to max it out at your native resolution if not close to maxing it out. Personally I still like the game cause its fun and I have an 8800GTS 512MB and I max out cod5 at 1920x1200 with around 400fps+. So if your only interested in playing this game, dont waste your money on a good card, cause you dont need one for this game:)
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