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So i feel this is a super basic question, looked through the FAQ but didn't see it. So I've had my raid 0 up and working since i build this computer about a year ago.

So yesterday almost by accident i figured out that i could move my hard drive rack to a different part of my case, kinda funny i never knew that till now. But anyways i would have to unplug the sata cables from my hard drive. So question time will unplugging my hard drives for a minute affect the raid at all, I know it sounds silly, and probably going to get duh it won't do anything, but i just wanted to check to make sure i didn't have mind blow total array failure lol
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    Simple Raid Answer. No problem.

    UNPLUG the computer first for safety (don't just shut down). Get a sharpie marker and draw a single line on one sata cable, two on the other. REMEMBER WHERE THEY GO and plug 'em back in.

    Actually you could likely get away with mixing up the re-plug but don't test RAID 0. Especially if you end up with the drives on different controllers... cringe.

    Good luck. Nice Rig by the way.
  2. haha thanks for the answer
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